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04 Jan08:48am

Heh-Neurovision acuerdo Clinica Ubarni-Pamplona-Navarra
HeH – Neurovision application implementation agreement at Clinica Ubarmin (Pamplona-Navarra)

HeH has reached an agreement for the implementation of the Neurovision application at Clinica Ubarmin to help rehabilitate patients with acquired brain damage.[...]

10 Feb08:32am

Manuel Murie- Neurovision Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde.
Neurovisión has been implanted in Canarias Hospital as a pioneer device for neuronal injuries

The Icot Ciudad de Telde Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde has a pioneering technology in the national territory for the recovery of hemianopia, a visual alteration that is caused by acquired brain damage. It is a device designed by the doctor Manuel Murie, medical director of the Neurorehabilitation Unit of the aforementioned health center, which [...]

13 Mar17:28pm

Healthehealth in XXI National Congress of Health Computing March 2018
HeH in XXI National Congress of eHealth Computing 13-15 March 2018

Healthehealth in eHealth computing congress Madrid March 2018[...]

13 Mar16:27pm

Healthehealth in European eHealth Business Hub_Innovation IT ehealth_mar2018
e-Health Hub 2nd day: Sharing ehealth projects and experiences

Intense days to get projects that interest the market and customers, which is what we look for in Healthehealth.[...]

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