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Visual field rehabilitation aid system for patients with acquired brain damage.

It is a system of aid to the rehabilitation of the visual field for patients with acquired brain damage (mainly with hemianopia caused by stroke), by means of a device (glasses) that is coupled to the patient’s sight, through which he plays games in a mobile application for about 6 months.

Clinical validation
Made by Navarrabiomed and the Hospital Complex of Navarra (CHN).
Concordance study between CHN campimetries and neurovisionThe system has a tool to adjust the exercise based on the progress observed in the exercises.
This tool has been compared with the official campimetry used in routine clinical practice, obtaining correlations with an r = 0.87 (n> 100, p = 0.05)Pre-post rehabilitation comparison study
After the realization of the games to 14 patients with ICTUS, a significant improvement (p <0.01) of more than 10% has been observed, being more effective the shorter the time elapsed since the accident.

Pre-post rehabilitation results show a significant overall improvement in total vision and in all quadrants.

Device (glasses)
Process: 6 months or 40 sessions
Process of each session: 45 minutesProcess

Evaluation of the initial visual field


Campimetry at the beginning of each session

(Important: adaptation of games to the permanent field of vision)

Game Realization

(depending on the campimetry result)

Data treatment and access by the clinician

Game adaptation based on patient evolution


04 Jan08:48am

Heh-Neurovision acuerdo Clinica Ubarni-Pamplona-Navarra
HeH – Neurovision application implementation agreement at Clinica Ubarmin (Pamplona-Navarra)

HeH has reached an agreement for the implementation of the Neurovision application at Clinica Ubarmin to help rehabilitate patients with acquired brain damage.[...]

10 Feb08:32am

Manuel Murie- Neurovision Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde.
Neurovisión has been implanted in Canarias Hospital as a pioneer device for neuronal injuries

The Icot Ciudad de Telde Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde has a pioneering technology in the national territory for the recovery of hemianopia, a visual alteration that is caused by acquired brain damage. It is a device designed by the doctor Manuel Murie, medical director of the Neurorehabilitation Unit of the aforementioned health center, which [...]