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Manuel Murie Fernández MD-PhD

Neurovisión has been implanted in Canarias Hospital as a pioneer device for neuronal injuries

The Icot Ciudad de Telde Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde has a pioneering technology in the national territory for the recovery of hemianopia, a visual alteration that is caused by acquired brain damage. It is a device designed by the doctor Manuel Murie, medical director of the Neurorehabilitation Unit of the aforementioned health center, which works through a lens and an application installed on a mobile phone. “This tool allows them to illuminate points on the terminal screen so that the patient indicates whether they can see them or not. All this is memorized by the device, so the next step is to send a series of light stimuli that are messages of” act in these areas of the visual field, “explains the artifice of this system.

Manuel Murie- Neurovision Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde.
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Presentation of Manuel Murie Fernández MD-PhD in I Foro de emprenderores en ehealth

This afternoon Manuel Murie Fernández will   “Apps for neurorehabilitation of patients with different comorbidities.”

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HeH I Foro emprendedores en ehealth Barcelona 18 junio 2015
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