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Neurovisión has been implanted in Canarias Hospital as a pioneer device for neuronal injuries

The Icot Ciudad de Telde Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde has a pioneering technology in the national territory for the recovery of hemianopia, a visual alteration that is caused by acquired brain damage. It is a device designed by the doctor Manuel Murie, medical director of the Neurorehabilitation Unit of the aforementioned health center, which works through a lens and an application installed on a mobile phone. “This tool allows them to illuminate points on the terminal screen so that the patient indicates whether they can see them or not. All this is memorized by the device, so the next step is to send a series of light stimuli that are messages of” act in these areas of the visual field, “explains the artifice of this system.

Manuel Murie- Neurovision Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde.
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Healthehealth in eHealth computing congress Madrid March 2018

Today we attend to XXI National Congress of Health Computing March 2018 that will take place from 13th -15th March in Madrid, Spain. During these days there will be  a lot of interesting conferences related to computing and eHealth.

  • “Digital Health: a collaborative project “
  • “Healthcare Professionals in the Digital Health”
  • “Digital Health needs leaders”
  • “The medical imagedriver of digital transformation? “
  • “IOT: New tools for assistance”
  • “Minimizing the assistance impact of Cybersecurity”
  • “Big Data vs. Small Data: personalized medicine? “
  • “How to meet the needs of the digital patient?”
  • “Interoperability and Innovations inelectronic recipe “
Healthehealth in XXI National Congress of Health Computing March 2018
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Intense days to get projects that interest the market and customers, which is what we look for in Healthehealth.

Today was the second day at eHealth Hub where we shared and discussed eHealth experiences and projects. The interesting thing about this type of meetings and clinics is the sharing of the challenges that the project faces and the possible solutions from a point of view foreign to the company and with knowledge in the sector.

In addition, you will know not only more about your project, strengths and weaknesses, but also seeks at all times the commercial success and its acceleration in achieving it from the point of view of the sector and demand.

Healthehealth in European eHealth Business Hub_Innovation IT ehealth_mar2018
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This week our Technical Director, Jose Santos, is attending  eHealth Hub, the European eHealth business support Clinic and developing different technical solutions to offer the eHealth market in the near future.

In the field of Health, many factors are important when designing technological solutions and innovation not only affects technological innovation but also all kinds of business aspects such as communication, clients / target patients.

That is why from HeH we are concerned, not only in the technology or the need to cover with our applications, but also how to carry it out in the best way possible, taking into account market trends and its gurus. With this vision we regularly attend different events and clinics that make us improve every day.


Healthehealth in European eHealth Business Hub_mar2018
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Our Medical Director, Manuel Murie Fernández MD-PhD has participated this year with his monologue " El cerebro reaprende" / "The brain learn again" and he has reached the final of Famelab España 2017 last 24th March in Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao) Spain.

For the fifth year running, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and the British Council España are launching a new edition of Famelab España 2017.

FameLab is an international scientific talks competition which started up in 2005 from an original idea at Cheltenham Festival, with the main purpose of nurturing the communication of science by identifying, training and introducing new talents, new spokespeople working in science, with an innovative format: short scientific talks.

Our  Medical Director,  Manuel Murie Fernández MD-PhD has participated this year with his monologue ” El cerebro reaprende” / “The brain learn again” and he has reached the final of Famelab España 2017  last 24th March in  Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao) Spain.

“Todo ser humano, si se lo propone, puede ser escultor de su propio cerebro”, Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Good luck in the Final next 7th April in Barcelona Dr. Murie !!

Dr. Manuel Murie Monologo El cerebro Reaprende Finalista Famelab España 2017
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Healthehealth in European Innovation Week in Taiwan 1st June 2016 attended last week to the European Innovation Week with our Business Developer Anais Le Corvec and presents Neuroplatform and  our company

“HealtheHealth is a young IT company founded in 2015 to develop game changing cloud-based eHealths solutions with emphasis on solutions for people with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, COPD, CHF, Depression, Cance, Alzhheimer’s & brain stroke/damage consequences (pain, hidrocephaly, spasticiy, behavioural-conductual problems, cphalea) & demyelinating disorders (multiple sclrerosis, Devic disease).”

European Innovation Week is a joint initiative of the European Commission, including DG GROWTH, DG CONNECT and DG RTD, in collaboration with Silicon Europe Worldwide,, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and the Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT) of Taiwan, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) coordinated by TAITRA, the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (ECCT), the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

The European Innovation Week will feature a series of seminars on smart health, smart mobility, smart industry, 5G, nano-electronics and Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. in European Innovation Week in Taiwan 1st June 2016
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NeuroPlatform wins ATANA Awards 2016

The Neuroplatform has been awarded the 2016 Atana Awards for Best innovative project of ICT companies in the Community.

Neuroplatform is a platform that brings together a number of applications for mobile devices that help patients in their process of neurorehabilitation in the day, and allow monitoring and personalized treatment.

From HealteHealth, with his medical director Manuel Murie, they found that it was necessary to develop a set of applications that help in the process of neurorehabilitation and to enable customization in patient treatment

It is an innovative project that aims to speed the recovery of patients with brain damage who suffer facial affect, speech problems and spasticity, among other ailments.

Congratulations to HealtheHealth team!

NeuroPlatform wins ATANA awards 2016
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NeuroPlatform HealtheHealth project – Finalist of ATANA 2016 Awards

We turned the Atana 2016 awards, which recognize innovative spirit and technological development of Navarre.

We are immersed in the development of a number of applications in the world of neurorehabilitation for mobile devices that meet the medical needs identified by specialists and are clearly oriented to the patient.

They help patients on a day to day process of neurorehabilitation through daily exercises and customization, and monitoring of the patient by the medical professional. It is an innovative project that aims to speed the recovery of patients with brain damage who suffer facial affect, speech problems and spasticity, among other ailments.

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ICT 2015 will bring the most innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) projects in Europe.

Healthehealth attends ICT 2015 Jose Santos
Our Technical Director José Santos is atending the ICT 2015 in Lisbon to follow interesting debates in the conference, hear the latest news on the European Commission’s new policies and initiatives with regard to R&I in ICT.

Lisbon hosts the biggest Information and Communication Technologies event in Europe from 20 to 22 October. ICT 2015 – Innovate, Connect, Transform is an European Commission initiative this year co-organized together with Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

HealtheHealth is a company involved in new technologies and innovation in Health matters and this kind of meetings it’s a great opportunity to know the market and new trends in innovation.
Healthehealth in ICT 2015
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Presentation of Manuel Murie Fernández MD-PhD in I Foro de emprenderores en ehealth

This afternoon Manuel Murie Fernández will   “Apps for neurorehabilitation of patients with different comorbidities.”

See event Download event program


HeH I Foro emprendedores en ehealth Barcelona 18 junio 2015
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