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Development of own Health Projects basis on looking for a solution for a high prevalence patology.

Software engineers well experienced and skilled to take up any kind of complex projects.

Our solutions are simple and easily applicable in smartphone, tablet or PC.

Who we are

HealtheHealth is a young IT company founded in 2015 to develop game changing cloud-based eHealth solutions with emphasis on solutions for people with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, COPD, CHF, Depression, Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

HealtheHealth is a global company headquartered in the Spain, with development and design in Spain and India mainly.HealtheHealth aims to have a positive impact on the lives of patients.

What we offer

Healthehealth project aimst to enhance provison and accesibility of health servisces in European Union by developing and implementing innovative eHealth solutions.

Focus is placed on eHealth services fro primary care, chronic conditions and remote specialist services.

Our Singularity

To solve indentified medical needs on bsis on theree premises:

    • Need in high prevalence pathology detected by a spaecialist physician in the matter.
    • Technologically accessible and inexpensive solution
    • Focused on patients.

Our singularity


System help for Rehabilitation of the visual field for patients with acquired brain damage

Neurovision is a devide for helping the rehabilitation of the visual field for patients with acquired brain damage (mainly with hemianopia caused by stroke), by means of a device (glasses) that is coupled to the patient’s sight, through which he plays games in a mobile application for about 6 months.

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Our Solutions

At HeH, we follow strict processes in order to make sure that the application developed follow all software development guidelines and deliver a quality product to our customers on time.  We always keep updated with the latest technologies and our team members are always eager to grab and implement them utilizing their skills in research and development.

We have got vast experience in developing web based applications, client-server applications, mobile applications on Microsoft and Java technologies.  Our analysis team will take utmost care in understanding customer requirements and work together with them to streamline all needs and come up with the most suitable development procedure to get the work done.  They also will be coordinating with the development team right through the development cycle to make sure that not even a single requirement item is missed out.

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Software for exercise of patients with facial paralysis through your mobile device.

Software that Monitoring and control of patients with spasticity, dysphonia , headache or chronic pain.

Software that prevents musculoskeletal disorders in work environments reduced mobility.

Software for the rehabilitation of the visual field for patients with acquired brain damage.


Neurorehabilitation apps catalog


Neuroplatform is a platform that brings together a number of applications for mobile devices that help patients in their process of neurorehabilitation and connect Professionals, Patients and Caregivers in the search of useful neurological applications.

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04 Jan

Heh-Neurovision acuerdo Clinica Ubarni-Pamplona-Navarra
HeH – Neurovision application implementation agreement at Clinica Ubarmin (Pamplona-Navarra)

HeH has reached an agreement for the implementation of the Neurovision application at Clinica Ubarmin to help rehabilitate patients with acquired brain damage (mainly with hemianopia caused by stroke), using a device (glasses) that are placed on the head and through which you can play games in a mobile application.[...]

10 Feb

Manuel Murie- Neurovision Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde.
Neurovisión has been implanted in Canarias Hospital as a pioneer device for neuronal injuries

The Icot Ciudad de Telde Hospital Icot Ciudad de Telde has a pioneering technology in the national territory for the recovery of hemianopia, a visual alteration that is caused by acquired brain damage. It is a device designed by the doctor Manuel Murie, medical director of the Neurorehabilitation Unit of[...]

13 Mar

Healthehealth in XXI National Congress of Health Computing March 2018
HeH in XXI National Congress of eHealth Computing 13-15 March 2018

Today we attend to XXI National Congress of Health Computing March 2018 that will take place from 13th -15th March in Madrid, Spain. During these days[...]